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All dates and events are subject to change without notice.
See upcoming events page for prices and times on upcoming events
This is the main speedway calendar only, for drifting, burnout and practice dates please see relevant tabs under Events
2015/16 Upcoming Events
Last updated 18 April 2016.
Please note this is a draft calendar and is subject to change.
Please check event details prior to attending.



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Sat Apr 23

Hungry Jacks Qld Sprintcar Title

Modlite Aust Title, Formula 500s, Wingless Sprints, Compact Speedcars

Sun Apr 24

Hungry Jacks Qld Sprintcar Title,

Monster Trucks, Fireworks

Modlite Aust Title, Lightning Sprints, F500 Juniors (Rain date: Apr 25)

Sat Apr 30

Midgets, V8 Dirt Modifieds

AMCA Nationals Qld Title, 360 Sprints tbc, FvHvS, Open Sedans, F500 Jnrs

Sat May 7


 AMCA Nationals, Formula 500s, Compact Speedcars, Modlites

Sat May 14

Rain date

Sat May 21


Wingless Sprints 50 Lapper, Lightning Sprints, Stockcars, FvHvS, Opens

Sat May 28

Sprintcars, Fireworks,

Caravan, Boat & Dunny Race

Midgets 50 Lapper, AMCA Nationals, Modlites, F500 Jnrs (Rain Date: May 29)

Sat Jun 4

Novelty Night – Enduros & Oz Champs

Wingless Sprints, Lightning Sprints, 360 Sprints, Stockcars, FvHvS, Open Sedans



All dates and events are subject to change without notice.

Prices and Times for upcoming events can be found on our Upcoming events page

KEY: Compacts = Compact Speedcars * FvHvS = Ford v Holden v Sigmas *

Junior Sedans = Speedway Sedans Aust Junior Sedans * F500s = Formula 500s

Opens = Open Sedans

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